Review: Iron Hearse – Deal With It


Iron Hearse Deal With ItIt’s always a pleasure to get hold of a new Iron Hearse release, specially as they have only made us wait a year since the last one (Get In The Hearse, released March 2013).

As the 40-second preview video above shows, the band haven’t deviated from their usual horror-film inspired lyrical themes, and with any luck, they never will. All 9 tracks on offer here stand up to their previous releases and while they don’t do anything amazingly different, they manage not to sound like they are aping their earlier material (even though they are, like AC/DC and Iron Maiden have done for 30-odd years, but it’s still possible to enjoy listening to them).

Iron Hearse don’t do anything unique, but they do play some of the best straight up pub doom-rock you’re ever likely to hear. We’ve heard it all before, but now it’s heavier, the playing is tighter and everything is a bit louder than last time.

If The Obsessed had come from Swindon, this is what they would have sounded like. Unpretentious, yet heavy metal with B-movie samples, and horror/sci-fi themed lyrics, delivered with a unique and peculiarly British sense of humour.

The band seem to give less of a shit with each release, and make this point by closing the album with a heavy metal cover of Elvis Presley classic ‘Burning Love.’ Deal With It is a welcome addition to their already impressive back catalogue but be warned: You will not be able to take yourself or any of the more po-faced bands out there seriously for some time after listening to Iron Hearse and that can only be a good thing.

Deal With It is out as a Digipack CD on 1st May and available to pre-order now from the Iron Hearse Bandcamp site:




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