Film review: Nurse (2014)

“Your Pain is her pleasure.”

NursePaz De La Huerta (ChokeBoardwalk Empire) is the eponymous nurse in this erotic horror revenge movie. She plays Abby Russell, a dedicated and extremely professional nurse in a busy city hospital by day and a brutal killer by night.

Nurse is completely ridiculous, from it’s needless R18 rating (there’s a lot of nudity, but it’s hardly hardcore porn!), to the lead actress’s hyper sexual appearance and mannerisms. There may be nurses in the real world that resemble De La Huerta’s character, but they are certainly few and far between! Nurse is like a cross between a wet dream and a cheese-induced nightmare, but both are happening at the same time. Abby Russell is hot, but she’s also about to cut your dick off!

Visually, the film is very dark, while making use of deep, vivid colours, especially glossy red theatrical blood, which is in no short supply. The effect is similar to that of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, and it looks really cool.

While the main character is a murderer, she mainly targets men who have caused harm to women in some way (by committing rape, for example). In this respect, Nurse reminded me of Chan-wook Park’s 2005 classic Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. Yes, she is an unhinged murderer who becomes more unhinged as the film progresses, but she has some moral justification for her actions (which become increasingly sadistic with each passing minute). The lesbian relationship she forms with a student nurse further highlight’s Russell’s hatred of men (see trailer, below). As more details are revealed about her past, it becomes more and more obvious how disturbed she is. The first few men she kills really do deserve it in my opinion, but by the final half-hour, nurse Russell is a full-blown psycho who would give Norman Bates a run for his money.

Paz De La Huerta was a perfect choice for the leading role in this dark, scary film that reverses women’s traditionally passive role in sex and society in general and turns it against the men who have subjugated them for so long. She is extremely sexy but she is also extremely weird (she reminds me of a much sexier, more confident and dangerous Asia Argento, if that is possible!). If you were lucky enough to spend the night with her, you’d probably be too scared to enjoy yourself!

Nurse is an enjoyable horror thriller if you don’t ask too much of it. It is an uncomfortable watch in places and a timely reminder to us men that we should treat women with respect. After all, you never know what they might do to us if we don’t!

This review refers to the standard, 2-D version of Nurse, streaming now on Netflix UK. There is a 3-D version, but I haven’t seen that, so can’t comment on whether it’s any good or not.

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