Review: Psychedelic Witchcraft – The Vision


“People reject us. They will never know the answer to the question that we carry in our hearts.”

The Vision is the debut album from these Italian blues-doom rockers. The album is the follow-up to last year’s Black Magic Man EP, and offers nine tracks of smoky, classic blues rock with occult-themed lyrics. Singer Virginia Monti delivers said lyrics in a suitably witchy style, and manages to sound like she means it. That’s because she does! 

While not the best singer technically speaking, Monti sounds a lot more confident on this record than on the band’s debut EP. It sounds to me like her voice is still developing, and I expect her vocals to improve with more touring and recording.

The retro artwork and ’60’s/’70’s inspired guitar riffs are not exactly original, but it’s what we like as fans of this music. Trying to modernise it would kill the timeless vibe altogether, and Psychedelic Witchcraft know this only too well.

There are some truly beautiful moments on this album, particularly Virginia’s vocals on second track ‘Witches Arise.’ They really warm the heart while sending a Satanic chill down the spine at the same time. The band compliment her perfectly with a tight, groovy rhythm section and plenty of boom-chikka wah wah retro porno music moments on the guitars, not to mention some blazing solos. They are the real deal and will probably stay underground for some years, at least in the UK. In fact I guarantee they will. Maybe Europe will be more forthcoming.

An obvious band to draw a comparison with would be Blood Ceremony. While Psychedelic Witchcraft’s sound is much more stripped down and less comedic in its delivery than theirs (and it doesn’t have that flute, which you either love or hate!), it should appeal to fans of that style. I’ll be seeking out a vinyl copy ASAP.

The Vision is out now on Soulseller Records.

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