Book: Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism (2019)

Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept SatanismI discovered this book while researching a novel that I am currently working on. It involves secret societies and I wanted to know more about how they operate before attempting to write about them. Like most people, I have no idea whether the events described in this book actually took place. The author even acknowledges as much himself, but encourages the reader to approach the subject with an open mind. That is very sound advice given the dark and graphic nature of the subject matter.

Kerth Barker describes himself as a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), something which a large proportion of the population do not even believe takes place. Those that do suspect that occult activity linked to abuse of children and vulnerable adults is happening are at best reluctant to talk about it. I spend my free time researching any number of bizarre and shocking conspiracy theories and occult themes and I myself am unlikely to discuss them with my work colleagues or bring such topics up over a polite family dinner.

What makes Barker’s book such compelling reading is that, while he is keen to warn readers that he is not writing his books to titillate his audience, he is being quite open about what he experienced during his childhood and youth. He writes of a sinister group of secret societies that he calls ‘the Committee.’ This group operates as a sort of umbrella organisation that encompasses several smaller groups in several countries. These groups involve Luciferians, occult practitioners who are also Satanists. Many lower ranking members of these groups are into the kinky sex and hedonism that can be found at their meetings, but they no more believe in the existence of Satan as a tangible thing than the average man in the street. Barker distinguishes these from more senior Committee members, which he terms ‘high-adept’ Satanists. It is these elites who pull the strings and use their incredible wealth and power to blackmail and in some cases kill, anyone who gets in their way.


The author

One aspect of The Committee’s activities is blackmailing senior politicians and other members of the ruling classes to do their bidding. This sort of practise has recently made the news in the light of the Jeffrey Epstein case, where powerful men would be photographed and recorded on video in compromising situations with underage girls. There has been little mention of occultism in connection with the Epstein case but you can be sure that such groups are never far away when it comes to billion dollar child trafficking operations.

As with most authors in this field, Barker is a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, and consequently, his writing does have a strong Christian bias. I would define that as Christian with a capital ‘C,’ the American kind, which can appear somewhat fanatical to foreign audiences. It was to me as a British reader. I have no dislike of Christians or their faith, in fact I was raised a Methodist myself, it just might be a little preachy in places for for some readers.

The book is definitely believable, though. Memorable passages include details of two women which the author calls ‘the two sisters,’ middle-aged Satanists/Luciferians who kept two shaven-headed Asian girls in wigs as their personal slaves. Equally shocking are Barker’s descriptions of films that his childhood handler, ‘Bob’ showed him depicting the Committee at work, and lurid details of the practice of cannibalism and the illicit trade that provides the ultra-wealthy with a supply of human meat. Ask yourself a question – how easy would it be for a legitimate butcher to conduct the clandestine preparation and sale of human meat (which the Committee refer to as ‘long pork!’) for trade on the black market?

It may be far-fetched. It is certainly sickening. But it is not impossible. That sentiment applies to the book and Barker’s story in general. He has written several books and I am currently in the process of reading them one by one. I take an objective view of such conspiracy theories and accounts of occult abuse. One truth that I am coming to terms with is that the world is far more sickening and complicated than the general public are led to believe. It is easier not to think about such horrific subjects as the consumption of adrenalized human meat and the ritual abuse and murder of innocent children. It is becoming far less easy to ignore such hidden horrors with every passing day. As more and more of us take to the internet to search out information that was never really that well hidden (just censored from the mainstream media), more of us will begin to ‘wake up’ and realise just what is going on. I would prefer to live in a world where such things were not a reality. Unfortunately, they are.

The author could be making it up as he goes along, and if he is, he’s a bloody good liar. If he isn’t, he deserves to be listened to.

Kerth Barker’s books are available from Amazon

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