Introducing my first book!

Of Flesh & Blood coverI have been a fan of Gothic horror for as long as I can remember. Old Hammer horror films initially and more recently nineteenth century stories, so when I started to experiment with fiction, it came as no surprise to me that I ended up writing my own.

Of Flesh & Blood is a Gothic horror novella that tells the story of a Romanian countess who settles in the small village of Bramley, West Yorkshire in the early twentieth century. The story is heavily influenced by Dracula and the 1932 film The Vampyr. It is the first in a series of stories following the adventures of Victorian/Edwardian gentleman turned reluctant paranormal investigator Marcus Worthington. He visits the village of Bramley on business and ends up being confronted by a beautiful and deadly vampire.

If you like all things creepy and Gothic, you can buy now on Amazon. There is a very low-priced Kindle edition and for the more patient and discerning reader, a 65-page paperback edition. I appreciate any and all support I get from this project. It has given me a break from my teaching career and musical activity. As much as I love making music, it requires a lot of team effort and logistics. What’s great about writing is I can do anything I want and work from home at my own pace without having to compromise.

I hope you enjoy reading Of Flesh & Blood as much as I did writing it.

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